EG-2 Voltage Controlled ADSR Eurorack module built into a slim 6 HP format.
Manufacturer: Infinite Machinery

The EG-2 is a voltage controlled ADSR module. All parameters of the ADSR envelope are fully voltage controlled as well as with potentiometers. Voltage control input is summed with the potentiometer control.


  • Gate - Voltage to this input starts the ADSR cycle and ends when voltage drops to 0. Typical voltage needed to start the ADSR cycle is 2.3V to 5V. Maximum voltage input is +11V.
  • Trigger - A voltage to this input of at least 1.1V will initiate an AD (attack, decay) envelope. Once initiated the envelope will complete and drop to an output of 0 volts. Subsequent voltage inputs will re-trigger and start the AD envelope again.
  • CV for attack, decay, sustain, release. Expected CV input is -5V to +5V. The input voltage is summed with the voltage coming from the parameter's potentiometer voltage.

Envelope Output

  • Minimum Attack Duration  ~1.8ms
  • Maximum Attach Duration  ~38 seconds
  • Maximum Release Duration  ~70 seconds
  • Maximum Decay Duration  ~58 seconds
  • Maximum Sustain Voltage  5V
  • Attack Peak  5 to 5.3 volts

Additionally the EG-2 has an output that sends a constant +5V gate signal while the attack phase of the envelop is active.

There is also a tactical switch for manually initiating the ADSR, actiing as a voltage to the Gate input.

The EG-2 comes as a fully built and tested module, or as a kit.

EG-2 Assembly Instructions

Bottom PCB Schematic

Top PCB Schematic