Hexa VCA

6 Channel VCA with DC coupling.
Manufacturer: Infinite Machinery

The Infinite Machinery Hexa VCA is a 6 channel VCA with DC coupling and a unique normalization function. All in 12 HP

Signal inputs are DC coupled.
CV input response, 0 to +5V

Maximum amplification is unity gain, or 1.

Channels with no CV input will have CV normalized
to the CV of the channel above. This cascading of CV
values is defined in two groups, channels 1 - 3 and 4 - 6.

For example: If CV is patched to channel 1 and no CV
patched into channels 2 & 3 - Channels 2 & 3 will
follow the CV of channel 1.

Patch CV into channel 2 and nothing into channel 3
then channel 3 will follow the CV of channel 2.
The same hold true for channels 4 - 6, with 4 being
the start of the CV cascade.